Amazon To Open Its Own Line Of Grocery Stores

Discussion in 'Online Retailers' started by Ken Anderson, Mar 1, 2019.

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    -- CNBC

    In the long term, might they be overextending themselves? Sears & Roebuck did great with catalog sales, which is something they should have been able to translate into Internet sales, but they overextended themselves with too many brick and mortar stores. Keep in mind that they've also bought the Whole Foods chain, and the article says they are looking at other grocery chain acquisitions.
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    That is pretty interesting ! It sounds like they will be more of the size of an Aldi’s or the Walmart Neighborhood Markets, as opposed to a Kroger or Super-Wally. This seems to be becoming a trend for some reason, along with grocery delivery, like we are regressing back to how shopping used to be back in the 40’s-50’s before all of the big supermarkets crowded out local grocery stores.

    Amazon has seemed to do really well with everything that they have tried thus far, so I imagine that they have been watching the market and competition to see how well these smaller markets will do. It said they are also expanding the Whole Foods markets, so they must be doing oaky with that, also.
    I remember reading that Amazon had opened at least one cashier-less convenience store in Seattle, and it might be that they will do the same with the new grocery stores.
    Sam’s Club has an app that you can use when you shop, and you just scan everything in as you go, so there is no actual checkout needed.
    If Amazon does something like that (which they have already been testing out with the C-stores), they can keep prices low and need less operation staff, besides stockers to keep the shelves full.

    I think that amazon also does local food deliveries, so this would fit right into that market, and they could use their own stores. If they have delivery people that can work like an Uber driver, i think that i would like delivering groceries !
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    Well...maybe. :D

    New York (AFP) - Amazon has hired a top General Motors executive, a source familiar with the move said Thursday, in a further sign of the technology giant's likely expansion into autonomous vehicles.

    The tech group's new executive is Alicia Boler Davis, who has been head of GM's global manufacturing operations.
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