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Discussion in 'Faith & Religion' started by Bobby Cole, May 18, 2016.

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    I recently read a story, a possible true story but in truth I do not know. But, it is about a mother who,upon her daughters wedding night, gave her daughter a bank passbook with $1000.00 already written in it.
    When she gave it to her she explained the purpose. She said, "I already started this bank book with $1000.00 in it because it is a joyous occasion. Each time you and your new husband experience something good or great in your lives together, put a deposit in the bank and write the reason for the deposit next to it.

    It wasn't long before the new husband and wife began making entries into the book. It had things like:
    $100.00...... husband's first birthday after the wedding.
    $100.00........wife's first birthday after the wedding
    $50.00.........husband's pay raise
    $200.00.......wife's announcement of pregnancy
    $500.00.....1st year anniversary

    As the years went on, the entries became less and less until they were non-existent and so much so that the couple found themselves bickering and fighting continually. Finally they decided upon getting a divorce and the wife immediately told her mother about it.

    Her mother told her daughter that she should do whatever she thought she should do but first, go get her passbook, cash it out and spend the money on whatever she wanted.
    The daughter immediately got the book and went to the bank to cash out. While waiting in the line, she opened it and started to read it and started to cry. The more she read, the more she wept.
    Instead of getting the cash, she took the old book home and gave it to her husband with the same instructions her mother had given her.
    He took the book and went to the bank with the intent of doing what he too had been instructed to do.
    It wasn't but an hour before the husband arrived at home and handed the book back to his wife. In it was a deposit for $5000.00 and written next to it was: "Realizing how truly in love I am with my wife and knowing how much I never want to lose her."

    After reading the story, I started to wonder about why we do not keep a similar passbook but one that includes the many things that happen in our lives that we can only give God the credit for. Our own "book of remembrance" kind of thing.

    Perhaps some of you do have something other than a daily journal which might be just for the one very special purpose I wondered about.
    Do you? Or if not, what would be one of the things you might write in it that was so special that it might be worthy of such an esteemed placement and just for fun, how much would you deem the value to be?
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    I used to keep a Journal of Graditude to God for His blessings to me...I'm sure it's packed away in one of the boxes in our attic right now. But I can tell you @Bobby Cole that these are my most special blessings. My relationship with my Father God and my Lord and Savior Jesus. My Family here on earth which is made up of my parents (who no longer are on earth), my Siblings and extended family members, my Spouse, my three daughters and three son-in-laws, my soon to be 10 grandchildren, and my friends both near and far. I deem the value of all of them to be priceless! :)

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