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Discussion in 'Other Reminiscences' started by Lon Tanner, Jun 17, 2020.

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    Paterson sure isn't the same now, but I have fond memories of growing up in Paterson during the 40's.
    I remember being at Hinchcliffe Stadium watching a football game on Sunday December 7th with my dad and cousin when they announced that Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. My cousin was stationed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He reported in and I didn't see him again until 1946 after he had been torpedoed twice and made Full Commander in the Navy. I remember my Paterson Independent news paper route in the primarily Jewish neighborhood where I would turn off or on lights for their Sabbath. And I remember how envious I was of my Jewish friends Bar Mitzvah's, because I would not get one until I turned 13. I remember riding my sled down the snowy hills at East Side Park and riding the bus to downtown to go to the movies. I remember stopping at the Alexander Hamilton Hotel where mom was a cashier at the Sundry Counter and getting some candy to take to the movie. I remember the FBI coming to our home one summer day to follow up on a envelope that I had drawn a Swastika on. I was playing war with some kids in the park and had written a note on the envelope and drew a Swastika. The envelope had our address on it and was addressed to my sister from her husband serving in Italy. It was obvious to most that a kid (me) had written the note but the FBI was following all kinds of leads in those days due to a U Boat sighting off the New Jersey coast. I remember collecting tin foil, cans, bacon grease, pots and pans, and eating SPAM (in a can). Gas and food rationing. Rolling bandages at the local Red Cross Center. I remember going to Greenwood Lake with my best friend whose parents had a cabin there. What a treat to go to Palisades Park, Arcola Pool and Circle Pool. I learned to swim at the Paterson YMCA and was always proud that Lou Costello was from the same town. Those were really fun years for a kid that was to young to go to war but was also very aware of the many that were't coming home.
    I left Paterson with my mother in 1947 and moved to California. I have been back to New Jersey a number of times over the years and though I have these good memories of the 40's I do not miss Paterson.
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    Nice story Lon

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