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Discussion in 'Self Employment' started by Corie Henson, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Jun 11, 2015
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    I have a friend who is a good "talker" who can convince people. That's the difference between a speaker and a talker in our vernacular. Anyway, friends advised this Talker to engage in a buy and sell business. An example is buying old furnitures or appliances and selling it after refurbishing. Well, she studied the trade and followed the advice.

    Since she is a good Talker, she could haggle the price to the minimum and she could convince the seller to hold the goods for her (since she has no money for payment yet). And when she finds a buyer, she would bring it to the venue. Most often, her transactions were done that way. So her buy and sell actually is not a business by just brokering. In fairness, she is earning pretty good.
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    Being a good talker is useful for many things in life, and not just in the business world.

    Of course it's a big plus having her bringing sales in without requiring a large budges to invest and get her business rolling in but, on a personal side, people who handle efficient the gift of good talking can arrange almost anything making use of their voice power.

    Great for your friend indeed :)
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    I have a friend like that. She was someone who seem to be a natural seller, I always said she could sell ice to Eskimos. The irony is she wasn't in the business of selling. She worked in an office environment along with me. As for me I have never had sells ability so such work wouldn't fit me in the least. Its nice to know that your fiiend is using this skill to her advantage, and yes selling is a skill in itself.

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